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Here's some brief information about the courses I lecture and other teaching or training related activities that I am involved with...

Undergraduate Engineering Courses Courses

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Digital Systems (EEE4084F)

In this course students hone their understanding and expertise in digital systems, making use of digital logic, circuit design and programming to embark on a journey towards High Performance Embedded Computing (HPEC) - and more precisely, as per the current design of the course, towards High Performance Embedded Computing (HPEC). The overarching objective of this course is to students with expertise and knowledge in a range of state-of-the-art for high-performancing digital system technologies and design strategies.
Embedded Systems (EEE3074W)

The EEE3074W course is about designing and developing embedded systems. The aim of this course is to provide the principles of doing embedded system development effectively in order to produce professional, highly maintainable and robust systems. A major part of the course is a mini-project in which students work in teams to conceptualize and prototype an embedded system product.
Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering (EEE2039W)

I lecture module G of EEE2039W, which is C++ Programming for Electrical Engineers. This courses focuses on developing C++ programs with application to electrical engineering problems; the aim is to take students from simple programs towards making use of graphics libraries and C++ classes.

Short Course

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FPGA & HDL Bootcamp

The FPGA Bootcamp is generally held towards the start of the acedemic year at the University of Cape Town. The course aims to give students that have little expereince with FPGAs and HDL coding a jump-start to using these technologies, making use of the RHINO Platform or low-cost Digilent FPGA evaluation boards.
FPGA Bootcamp


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Electrical Engineering Tutor Training

I often provide a voluntary tutor training workshop to which EE students that have been signed-up as tutors are invited. Generally the workshop runs once at in the first week of classes (first Tuesday afternoon of term 1). Please contact me if you would like to participate either as a novice tutor who hasn't tutored before, or as an expereinced tutor who would like to share and discuss some experiences and good tutoring practices.
Tutor training

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