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University of Cape Town Department of Electrical Engineering

Here's the homepage for the department in which I work.
Radar Remote Sensing Group (RRSG)

I'm a member of the RRSG group. Have a look at some of the interested projects that we're involved with.
Software Defined Radio Group (SDRG)

The SDRG group focuses on radio-related and radar astronomy processing.
The Rhino Platform

The RHINO Platform is an Open Hardware and Open Source project at the University of Cape Town that provides a reconfigurable computing hardware platform and software toolchain for Software Defined Radio (SDR) and parallel processing of radio astronomy data, which is both easy to learn, easy to use, and broadly affordable.
Past Project Archive (PPA)

The PPA is intended for use in the EEE3074W Embedded Systems course as a means to arhive past student projects for the course, and as way for students doing the course to search for useful 'tidbits' (e.g. device drivers) that they might like to build upon in their own projects. The PPA project is publicly available; use of resources on the PPA should be referenced accordinly; means to reference artefacts from particular teams is described on the site.
Past Projects Archive