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Hi, and welcome to my home page! I'm a lecturer in the Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Cape Town. From this site you can find out a little more about me, my interests and what I do.

In summary, I'm an academic member of the Radar and Remote Sensing Group and the Software Defined Radio Group.
Simon och hans blekgul hund. Simon and his pale yellow dog

This site is structured according to my research involvement, interests, teaching, publications and some additional information about me, as you can see from the buttons above.

Each year I like to follow a general 'theme' where possible.

My BSc Projects for This Year 2018...

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My BSc Projects for 2017...

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My BSc Projects for 2016...

My BSc Projects for 2015...

Generally divided into the two themes below...
Wanting processing done Fast
THEME 1 - Apps galore: I've got lots of projects involving the development of useful Android / smartphone Apps for this year. The apps include services that will assist with teaching & learning, developing applications that provide alters based on various conditions, as well as identification and navigation apps.
Android app Apps

THEME 2 - Big Data Racetrack: We have lots of data in the RRSG group, these topics are about getting the data processed quicker. Projects involve algorithm implementation, performance benchmarking, and networking topology and routing experiments, both to get the own data processing infrastructure in our research group better sorted and to provide advice for other organizations in similar situations.

Big data speeding along
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Topics from previous years
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If you are looking for my curriculum vitae, please visit my profile on LinkedIn for a summarized version. These are some of my areas of expertise:
Signal Processing; Embedded Systems; Hardware Description Languages and FPGAs; Software Development; Reconfigurable Computing; High Performance Computing (HPC); Software Engineering; Programming in C, C++, Matlab, VHDL, SQL, HTML, Python, Labview, PHP; Education Research; Electronics.
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