I have a number of fields of interest. Each year I'm generally involved with one or more projects in each one of these fields, or a combination of these fields. I've listed my fields of interest below, in no particular order, and provide a summary of what each area concerns and what my interests in the particular area concerns. I'm entirely willing to investigate other areas, but am trying to maintain a consistant focus relatd at least to the general aspects of embedded systems and FPGAs.
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Embedded Systems
Embedded system illustration An embedded system is a single-purpose computer built into a larger system for the purposes of controlling and monitoring the system [1]. A general purpose computer (e.g. a personal computer) is defined not to be an embedded system.

My interest in embedded system is mostly related to the embedded software, firmware and device driver design and coding. Products I'm interested in, and have had experience with, include various types of monitoring and control systems, radio/communication systems, radar systems.
Rhino Project & FPGA-based systems
FPGA systems illustration In terms of Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), my students and I are focusing on developing resources and support for the Rhino project.
Software Defined Radio and Radio systems
Software Defined Radio illustration Software Defined Radio (or SDR) is a new approach to developing radio and radar systems. It involves implementing a large part of the radio system in software. A SDR approach can significantly reducing development costs, not only by reusing costs in building hardware, but also by saving a lot of time when prototyping new products and experimental systems. SDR is a fast-growing field and increasingly many new technology building on this method.

My interest in SDR includes the design and development of SDR platforms and related firmware (e.g., RHINO) and conceptualizing and experimenting with innovative applications that make use of this technology.
Domain Specific Languages and Computer Languages
Model Integrated Computing
High Performance Computing and Parallel Computing
High Performance Computing illustration
Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks (related to embedded systems / sensors)
Radar Systems
RADAR illustration
Knowledge managemnet with application to computer engineering

My PhD thesis concerned the topic of knowledge management for embedded systems development.
Engineering Education and Training

See also my teaching and training page.

[1]  Arnold, B. Embedded System Design. CMP Books, 2002