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Scope: This page indicates who to contact in regards to a certain issue.

Procedure for Feedback and Suggestions

The direct approach for feedback, suggestions, and complaints is preferred, and can be delivered by email or in person. If you prefer an indirect / anonymous approach, please contact the class representative.

The following table indicates who should be contacted in regards to particular issues:

Issue Contact Person(s) Email
Lectures, assignments Lecturer
General aspects of the course organization and syllabus Simon Winberg
Laboratories Lecturer
EEE3074W Public Website (i.e. this website) Simon Winberg
EEE3074W Connect Website Connect Helpdesk
Problems with lab / faulty computers / faulty hardware / etc Pierre
Booking hardware, lab kits and evaluation boards Pierre
DP status (status shown on qmarks) Lecturer
Mark complaints or corrections Contact whoever set the test/exam  
Problems running qmarks Simon Winberg
Network down Pierre Try room 4.30 server down Pierre
Power outages: it's a good idea to have a flashlight, or a light built into your cellphone, for these exciting situations, especially if you are afraid of the dark -- experience an outage in the Menzies, even at midday, and you'll find out why! Gripe to or (if you are scared) hold on to your closest companion; otherwise express yourself verbally in whatever way you feel fit. Unless you're using a laptop, with a working battery, you may have difficulty writing an email let alone sending one in these situations.
Textbook orders (BrainBooks)  

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