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Scope: This page indicates the staff involved with this course, and when course facilitators are available for consultation.

Course Facilitators and Lecturers

You are encouraged to consult with the course facilitators in regards to the theory and assignments, and also to provide feedback on your learning experience. The course facilitators will set aside a certain time slot, one day a week, when they will be in the office and available for walk-in consultation. However, you can stop by at other time to ask questions; but there's no guarantee that the course facilitator in question will be available outside their stipulated consultation times. You can always send an e-mail to schedule a meeting for a certain time. We hope this strategy will work effectively. We advise that students should put questions to their peer group instead of immediately asking a course facilitator for help. Please come prepared to consultation meetings, meaning that you should have an idea of how to explain your problem, what you've tried (or your understand of the theory), and why it didn't work (or what is confusing about the theory). Often explanations are assisted by using (rough) diagrams, such as UML statechart (often by actually drawing a model, you find inspiration to solve the problem).

Name Photo Email Day Time Office
Dr. Simon Winberg Tue




(1pm - 3pm)

Menzies 6.13

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Tutors / Support

The tutor's duties include facilitating laboratory practicals, and assisting with the marking of assignments. See the Vula course website for information about this year's tutors.

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Support Staff

Mr Bizimana is the technical officer for the electrical engineering department. In terms of this course, his responsibilities include 1) administrating the booking in and booking out procedure for hardware used in this course; 2) ensuring that the lab computers are functioning properly, 3) audit of hardware and administration of hardware fault reports concerning faulty hardware, and 4) ensuring that the course server is operational.

Name Email Room
Pierre Bizimana Menzies 4.30

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