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25 Years of Remote Sensing in Africa!

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This page is divided into the following sections:

  1. Academic Staff
  2. Honorary Visiting Professors
  3. Honorary Research Associates
  4. Visiting Students
  5. Admin Assistant
  6. PhD Students
  7. MSc Students
  8. MEng Students
  9. Alumni


Academic Staff

Name Organisation Tel No. Email Address
Michael R. Inggs (PhD) (Professor)
Departmental Webpage
University of Cape Town +27 (0)21 650 2799 (UCT)
+27 (0)21 658 2756 (CHPC)
+27 (0)21 531 7282 (KAT)
Andrew Wilkinson (PhD) (Associate Professor)
Departmental Webpage
University of Cape Town +27 (0)21 650 3803
Riana Geschke (PhD) (Associate Professor)
University of Cape Town +27 (0)21 650 2093
Amit Kumar Mishra (PhD) (Senior Lecturer)
University of Cape Town +27 (0)21 650 2794
Simon Winberg (PhD) (Lecturer)
Departmental Webpage
University of Cape Town +27 (0)21 650 2793
Andrew van der Byl (PhD) (Research Officer) University of Cape Town +27 (0)21 650 2039


Honorary Visiting Professors

Name Organisation Tel No. Email Address
Chris J. Baker (PhD) (Professor) ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science, Canberra, Australia +61 2 6125 8807
Hugh D. Griffiths (PhD) (Professor) University College London, UK +44 (0) 20 7679 731


Honorary Research Associates

Name Organisation Tel No. Email Address
John Collins SimCon, UK +44 (1933) 66 4478
Brian T. Farrimond Liverpool Hope University, UK +44 (151) 291 3606
Dr Alan Langman (PhD) KAT / SKA Project, Pinelands, Cape Town +27 (0)21 531 7282
Dr Richard T. Lord (PhD) KAT / SKA Project, Pinelands, Cape Town +27 (0)21 531 7282
Dr Norman Morrison (PhD) University of Cape Town +27 (0)21 650 2792
Dr Karl Woodbridge (PhD) University College London, UK +44 (20) 7679 3969


Visiting Students

Name Organisation Tel No. Email Address
Shivvaan Sathasilvam School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering,
University of Adelaide, Australia
+27 (0)21 650 2799



PhD Students

Jeanine Engelbrecht | 2012
Topic: Advanced Differential interferometry for Geohazard Assessment

Council for Geoscience

+27 (0)21 948 4754

Brandon Hamilton | 2012
Topic: A Unified Machine Model for Heterogeneous Computing

KAT / SKA Project, Cape Town

+27 (0)21 531 7282

Janet Hewitson | 2012
Topic: Design of a many-core processor in support of a software autoparallelisation pipeline

CHPC, Cape Town

+27 (0)21 658 3964

Lerato Mohapi | 2013
Topic: Domain Specific Language for Software Defined Radio


Office: Menzies 6.13

Jason Manley | 2012
Topic: Porting of a Software Platform for High Performance Reconfigurable Computing

KAT / SKA Project, Cape Town

+27 (0)21 531 7282

Roaldje Nadjiasngar | 2012

Office: 716

+27(0)21 650 2792

Willem Nel | 2012
Topic: Advancements in ISAR

Jacobus Sandenbergh | 2012
Topic: The Viability of Lowcast GPSDOs to Synchronize Netted Radar

Craig Tong | 2012
Topic: Networked Commensal Radar based on a Distributed Reference Signal Recording

Office: 7.14

+27(0)21 650 2792

Robyn Verrinder | 2012
Topic: Distributed Planning Algorithms for Multi-Robot Coordination in Complex Communication Limited Environments

Office: 413


MSc Students

Doreen Agaba | 2012
Topic: Trans-ionospheric Signal Propagation

Fuad Alibrahim | 2012
Topic: Spinning DF

Abdullah Alzamil | 2012

Waleed Alotaibi | 2012
Topic: Architecture Design For Radar for Human Gait

Matthew Bridges | 2012
Topic: Rhino MIMO Transducer

Office: 713

Benson Chan | 2012
Topic: Receiver Site Optimisation for PCL Radar System

Office: Radar Lab

Shi-Huan Chen | 2012
Topic: Investigation of Communicationsn & Network for PCL / Parasitic Radar Systems

Valerie Edith Chiriseri | 2012
Topic: Rhino Client/Server Control Framework

Office: 7.13

Richard Focke | 2012
Topic: Investigating the use of interval Algebra to Schedule Mechanically Steered Multistatic Radars

Shaun Katz | 2012
Topic: Block Encoded Generation

Office: 713

Garikai Mhunduru | 2012
Topic: Parallel Programming with F.E.R.S

Office: Radar Lab

Mallin Moolman | 2012
Topic: Implementation of a beamformer currelator using partial reconfiguration

Office: Radar Lab

Saifudin Nakhwa | 2012
Topic: Remote Rhino 3G Cluster

Wesley Scott New | 2012
Topic: MgHDL FPGA Design Flow


Alastair Penney | 2012
Topic: Design and Implementation of an AES Block on an FPGA platform

Office: 617

Shanly Rajan | 2012
Topic: Automated Gateware Discovery Using Open Firmware

KAT / SKA Project, Cape Town

+27 (0)21 531 7282

Khobatha Setetemela | 2012
Topic: Design of an Open-Source Toolflow for the Rhino Patform

Office: Radar Lab

Rofhiwa Lutendo Takalani | 2012

Pei-Hung Tsai | 2012
Topic: Electronic Beamforming for Circular Array Antennas

Richard Van Schalkwyk | 2012
Topic: M.Eng Radar

Ryno Verster | 2012

Office: 7.13

David Wright | 2012
Topic: Guidance & Control of Sounding Rockets

Office: Radar Lab


M.Eng Radar Students

Saad Ibraheem Alhuwaimel | 2012
Topic: M.Eng Radar

Vanessa Jansen Van Rensburg | 2012
Topic: M.Eng Radar

Alan Jones | 2012
Topic: M.Eng Radar

Office: Radar Lab


Umur Kathree | 2012
Topic: M.Eng Radar

Tjantji Matemane | 2012
Topic: M.Eng Radar

Shaheen Mahomed | 2012
Topic: M.Eng Radar

Ragesh Pillai | 2012
Topic: M.Eng Radar

Office: Radar Lab

Sulayman Salie | 2012
Topic: M.Eng Radar

Adrian Dale Stevens | 2012
Topic: M.Eng Radar

Keketso James Zwane | 2012
Topic: M.Eng Radar



Saleh Alsaif | 2012
Topic: IFF Transceiver Card

Tellumat, Cape Town

Justin Abraham | 2012
Topic: SUCU Study

Stephen Middleton | 2012
Topic: M.Eng Radar

Karthik Rajeswaran | 2012

Johannes Jurgen Strydom | 2012
Topic: M.Eng Radar

Alexander, Leon | 1994
Topic: The Planning of a South African Airborne Synthetic Aperture Radar Measuring Campaign(View abstract)

Alston, Caireen E. | 1994
Topic: Standardising Modules for Tactical Command and Control Man-Machine Interfaces(View abstract)

Archer, Paul J. | 1997
Topic: Quick Look Processor for an Airborne SAR System(View abstract)
Ashok, Amit | 2001
Topic: Implementation and Analysis of A Bayesian Approach to Topographic Reconstruction with Multiple Antenna SAR Interferometry(View abstract)

Ballard, Norman | 1995
Topic: Electrode Length Measurement in Electric Arc Furnaces(View abstract)

Bauermeister, Etienne F. | 2005
Topic: Implementing a Ground Penetrating Radar User Interface in System-On-Chip Technology(View abstract)

Bennett, Thomas G.H. | 2003
Topic: Development of a Parallel SAR Processor on a Beowulf Cluster(View abstract)

Bras, Johan J. | 1991
Topic: A Simulation of the Single Scan Accuracy of a Two-dimensional Pulsed Surveillance Radar(View abstract)

Brooker, Marc | 2008
Topic: The Design and Implementation of a Simulator for Multistatic Radar Systems (PhD) View abstract

Carter, Grant R. | 1998
Topic: System Level Simulation of Digital Designs: A Case Study(View abstract)

Chang, Ching-Wei Wesley | 2005
Topic: Systems Level Investigation of Television Based Bistatic Radar(View abstract)

Chen, Tai-Lin Greg | 2006
Topic: GPR Propagation Simulation and Fat Dipole Antenna Design(View abstract)

Coetzee, Shirley L. (née Wuyts) | 1997
Topic: Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Processing using Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM)(View abstract)
Coetzer, Darren G. | 2004
Topic: Design and Implementation of a X-band Transmitter and Frequency Distribution Unit for a Synthetic Aperture Radar(View abstract)

Cope, Michael K. | 2003
Topic: Design, Simulation and Implementation of a Digital Quadrature Demodulator for a Stepped Frequency Radar(View abstract)

Del Mistro, Mario | 1992
Topic: A Study of Bistatic Radar and the Development of an Independent Bistatic Radar Receiver(View abstract)

Desai, Amresh | +/- 1999
Topic: VHF Imaging Radar (no abstract available)
Doyle, Gavin S. | 2000
Topic: Three Applications of Satellite Borne Repeat Pass SAR Interferometry in Southern Africa(View abstract)

Dunn, Sydney | 2008
Topic: A Study of the SA SKA RFI Measurement Systems(View abstract)

Eatock, Rebecca | 1994
Topic: A Spatially Variable Fertilizer Applicator System(View abstract)

Fadiran, Oladipo O. | 2001
Topic: Design and Implementation of a Parallel Registration Algorithm for SAR Images(View abstract)

Farquharson, Gordon | 1999
Topic: Design and Implementation of a 200 to 1600 MHz Stepped Frequency Ground Penetrating Radar Transceiver(View abstract)

Fullalove, Richard M. | 1994
Topic: Failsafe Display System(View abstract)

Gambahaya, Sifiso B. | 2005
Topic: Design and Implementation of the Pillbox Antenna for SASARII(View abstract)

Gebhardt, Mark | 1995
Topic: Speckle Reduction in SAR Imagery(View abstract)

George, David | 2008
Topic: A High-Speed Testing Platform Using a 10Ge Switch for Radio Astronomy(View abstract)

Golda, Peter J. | 1997
Topic: Software Simulation of a SAR(View abstract)

Gwena, Tinashe | 2003
Topic: Gollach: Configuration of a Cluster based Linux Virtual Server(View abstract)
Hassenpflug, I. Gernot | 1996
Topic: Investigation of Developments in Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar until 1994(View abstract)

Horrell, Jasper M. | 1999
Topic: Range-Doppler Synthetic Aperture Radar Processing at VHF Frequencies (PhD)(View abstract)

Isaacson, Adam R. | 2002
Topic: A 500kHz to 5MHz Stepped Frequency Borehole Tomographic Imaging System(View abstract)

Jongens, Adrian W.D. | 1993
Topic: Application of Cepstrum Techniques and Guard Tube to the Measurement of the Normal Incident Sound Power Absorption in situ(View abstract)

Kabutz, Marten H. | 1995
Topic: RF Hardware Design of a Stepped Frequency Continuous Wave Ground Penetrating Radar(View abstract)
Koeppen, Peter G. | +-1997
Topic: Airborne SAR and iSAR (No abstract available)
Kritzinger, Paul J. | 1991
Topic: A Spaceborne Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Processor Design(View abstract)
Kusel, Thomas W. | 1995
Topic: On the Waveform Fidelity of Broadband Digital Storage Architectures(View abstract)

Lange, Gunther | 2010
Topic: Investigation into Passive Radar Target Tracking Techniques

Langman, Alan | 2002
Topic: The Design of Hardware and Signal Processing for a Stepped Frequency Ground Penetrating Radar (PhD)(View abstract)

Lengenfelder, Rolf | 1998
Topic: The Design and Implementation of a Radar Simulator(View abstract)
Locke, Lisa S. (née Wray) | 2001
Topic: Synthetic Aperture Radar Image Simulator for Interferometry(View abstract)

Lord, Richard T. | 2000
Topic: Aspects of Stepped-Frequency Processing for Low-Frequency SAR Systems (PhD)(View abstract)


Martens, Andrew | 2005
Topic: A High Speed Data Acquisition System(View abstract)

McMahon, Peter L. | 2008
Topic: Adventures in Radio Astronomy Instrumentation and Signal Processing(View abstract)
Mngadi, Andile | 2007
Topic: L-band RFI Measurement System Simulation and Investigation(View abstract)

Modise, Stephen K. | 2003
Topic: Development of a Real Time Radar Data Acquisition System(View abstract)

Mohungoo, Ajmal I. | 2004
Topic: An Airborne X-Band SAR Receiver Design and Implementation(View abstract)

Mountain, Alan N. | 2004
Topic: Calibration System for the Tracking Accuracy Measurement System (TAMS) using differential GPS (dGPS)(View abstract)

Mukhopadhyay, K. Pradip | 2005
Topic: Three-dimensional Borehole Radar Imaging (PhD)(View abstract)

Nyareli, Teboho N. | 2003
Topic: Development of a Cable Odometer with a Network Interface(View abstract)

Phaladi, Shikoane Given | 2007
Topic: Using GPS bistatic signal for ocean and land remote sensing in South Africa(View abstract)

Robinson, Anthony D. | 1996
Topic: Ship Target Recognition(View abstract)

Salkinder, Jason | 2008
Topic: Design of a Low-Cost High Speed Data Capture Card for the Hubble Sphere Hydrogen Survey(View abstract)

Serretta, Hyram | 1998
Topic: Ship Target Recognition(View abstract)

Tanser, Daniel J. | 2003
Topic: Simulation of a Slope Stability Radar for Opencast Mining(View abstract)

Tremeac, Yann | 1999
Topic: Top-Down Design of DSP Systems: A Case Study(View abstract)

Van der Linden, C.P. | 1990
Topic: (View abstract)
Van der Riet, K.P. | 1991
Topic: Test System for Shipboard Antennas(View abstract)
Van Dyk, Clifford L. | 2002
Topic: The Design and Implementation of a Wideband Digital Radio Receiver(View abstract)

Van Schaik, Carl F. | 2002
Topic: The Development of a Node for a Hardware Reconfigurable Parallel Processor(View abstract)

Wallis, Allen B. | 2001
Topic: The Design and Implementation of a Distributed Data Capture and Processing Framework for Ground Penetrating Radar(View abstract)

Watermeyer, Kalen | 2007
Topic: Design of a Hardware Platform for Narrow-band Software Defined Radio applications(View abstract)

Webster, Justin M. | 2004
Topic: The Development of a Radar Digital Unit for the SASAR II Project(View abstract)
Welsh, S.D. | 1991
Topic: A Spaceborne Synthetic Aperture Radar Data Processor(View abstract)
Williams, Lance P. | 2008
Topic: Implementing a RADAR Application using the Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP)(View abstract)

Wu, Monica Wai-Man | 2008
Topic: The Characterisation of a Double-Conversion Superheterodyne Receiver(View abstract)

Zietsman, Christian F. | 2004
Topic: Theory, Design and Implementation of an IF Cancellation Module for use in a Stepped Frequency Continuous Wave Ground Penetrating Radar(View abstract)

Michael Aitken |
Topic: A Reconfigurable Accelerator Card for High Performance Computing

CHPC, Cape Town

+27 (0)21 658 3964

Anria Cilliers |
Topic: Helicopter blade parameter extraction for purposes of radar non-cooperative target recognition

CSIR, Pretoria

+27 (0)12 841 4871

Jean-Paul da Conceicao |
Topic: Applications to be run on the Hydra Engine

CHPC, Cape Town

+27 (0)21 658 3964

Rian de Wind |
Topic: Tracking of small boats in high sea states with a X-band search radar

CSIR, Pretoria

+27 (0)12 841 3306

Georgie George |
Topic: Integration, Implementation and Testing of the X Band SASAR II Radar Unit

South African Weather Bureau

+27 (0)12 665 1594

Michael Gorven |
Topic: High Performance Computing on the Cell Broadband Engine

CHPC, Cape Town

+27 (0)21 658 3964

Sebastiaan Heunis |
Topic: Passive Radar and Passive Coherent Location (PCL) using Software Defined Radio techniques

Ray Tsung-Jui Hsieh |
Topic: Base level hardware programming (electronics)

CHPC, Cape Town

+27 (0)21 658 3964

Han Jingxu |
Topic: Evaluating performance of MIMO (Multiple Input and Multiple Output) PCL (Passive Coherent Location) Radar systems

Roufurd Julie |
Topic: Fibre Optic Calibrator for Karoo Array Telescope

KAT / SKA Project, Cape Town

+27 (0)21 531 7282

Mahlatse Lekalakala |
Topic: To be finalised

Joseph Milburn |
Topic: Co-processor Offloading applied to Passive Coherent Location with Doppler and Bearing Data

CHPC, Cape Town

+27 (0)21 658 3964

Sharef Neemat |
Topic:  Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) Environmental Simulator

Tellumat, Cape Town

+27(0)21 710 2086

Khosi Peko  |
Topic: Design of Energy Degrader Controller for High Precision Radiotherapy

iThemba LABS

Arjun Radhakrishnan |
Topic: Examination of the DiFX correlator

KAT / SKA Project, Cape Town

+27 (0)21 531 7282

Kanono Ramashamole |
Topic: Investigation of Tracking Filters

CSIR, Pretoria

+27 (0)12 841 2864

Makhamisa Senekane |
Topic: Design and Implementation of Manual VMEBus* Exerciser

iThemba LABS

+27 (0)21 843 1359

Wayne Smith |
Topic: Commissioning a 400 Hz Power Supply


+27 (0)11 800 6448

Nick Thorne |
Topic: Developing an eco-system for the HTX co-processor card designed by fellow student Mike Aitken

CHPC, Cape Town

+27 (0)21 658 3964

Aadil Volkwin |
Topic: Design and Implementation of a Controller Unit for SASAR II

Jonathan Ward |
Topic: Design and Implementation of a Non-Contact Level Measurement Instrument

Andrew Woods |
Topic: A Radio Astronomy Correlator Implementation using High Performance Reconfigurable Computing

CHPC, Cape Town

+27 (0)21 658 3964

Yunus Abdul Gaffar |
Topic: Classification of Sea Vessels in a Persistent Surveillance Radar System using ISAR Imagery

CSIR, Pretoria

Albert Gazendam |
Topic: On the Performance Benchmarking of Storage Subsystems in High Performance Computing Environments

CSIR, Pretoria

+27 (0)12 841 4820

Stephan Sandenbergh |
Topic: A Low-Cost Time Synchronization Method for a Netted Radar System using Multi-channel Common View GPS Time Transfer



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