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EEE374W Project 3 -- 2005

Digital Posters and Slides

This page provides links to the posters and slides which each team of students in the EEE374W produced as part of an embedded system conceptulization project. There are 13 teams: a short overview of each team's project is provided together with links to the concept poster and presentation. To see latest voting results, please see votes. If you have not cast your vote, see vote form.

Team 01: Location-aware Tourist Information System
The Tourist Information System is a GPS device that allows a tourist to determine his/her current position and provides relevant information about the current area.
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Team 02: GPS Bus Stop Navigator
A GPS-based device that gives: closest bus station to current position, next bus to given destination. Does lookups for selection of the optimal path to final destination.
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Team 03: Vibynet
Small device carried by people. Has identity code and allows storage of other identity codes, which are used to recognized other vibynets in the vicinity. Has means of showing recognized identity codes. Additional features: direction, distance, call.
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Team 04: VOIP Answering Machine
A VoIP (both voice and video) answering machine, a stand-alone (non PC) system that connects directly to your Ethernet. Will answer any VoIP calls not manually answered after time limit.
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Team 05: Home Automation System
System consists of central unit that connects to various subsystems around the house, such as input devices (keypads and sensors, etc), and output devices (LCD screens, linear actuator, etc), or both.
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Team 06: Automation Headlights Dimmer
System will sense a bright on-coming light source and dim headlights until the light source has passed.
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Team 07: Field Sensor for Maglev Trains
Based on the idea of using electromagnetic fields to levitate and drive high speed trains. Focus on system for sensing electromagnetic field and how it connects to other systems.
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Team 08: Cordless Stereo
A stereo that has no speakers but outputs digital audio for connection to Blue tooth headphones.
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Team 09: Central Alarm Clock
Main controller based in one common room in the home. Has buttons that corresponding to all rooms in the house. Remote control to help parents wake kids up without moving an inch. Will extract timebase from the AC power lines.
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Team 10: Voice Recognition System
Voice recognition system to activate/control electrical appliances (e.g. Tv's, lights).
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Team 11: Supermarket Query Device
Device communicates with supermarket server, which holds database of items on special etc; lets you browse through current specials and then locate the item.
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Team 12: Student Protection Device
Has a button, which is used to set off an alarm to notify cps people that a certain student is in danger at a certain place so that they can send the closest cps guy to your rescue. Device small enough to attach to student card or carry easily.
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Team 13: Vehicle Usage Tracker
Affordable vehicle usage monitoring kit. Displays real time car statistics like speed and fuel consumption. Colour display and audio warning system.
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